Here you will find info and photos of my model railway layout, there are some photos of the old
layout that was in my loft but that has now been dismantled as it was not the best place due to
wide temperature changes and maintenance problems.

The new layout is constructed on a 9ft x 6ft baseboard, made of thin plywood and aluminium
square tubing with ply strips between for rigidity so it doesn't bend or bow.

The winch system has four cables 2ft in from each corner and they join into one larger cable
that is to make sure that it all goes up straight. at the ends of the board there are wooden pegs,
two each end, you put in when its up, this is a safety feature.

Also the ceiling pulleys have a bracket over, again for safety, so there are
four 2 inch coach bolts at each pulley. On the ceiling above the winch a similar
system is employed.