This is a picture of part of my work area, and I have full anti-static protection.

I do not do much in here now
except a few home projects & repairs for
family and friends.

I do now have a small lathe
for a bit of model making.

See my home Circuits for things
you can build.

Build a frequency counter from scrap-box components, Click Here.


P.S.R Electronics has been around for about 50 years, I have been in electronics all my life, and could repair
most things. I am retired now and just enjoying all my hobby's.

Up until April 1999, I repaired bar code scanners, using surface mount technology.

I am also a amateur radio operator, See my amateur radio page, and I also belonged to a model railway club. See my railway page. I built my own computer back in 1979, at the time the ZX80 appeared, that only
had 1k of ram, I had 32k.
I have had a Amiga A4000, many types of PC's but now
have a MAC 6 core 3.3gig, see the MAC Pro page for information.