Railway information

I use the Hornby DCC system and with the Sapphire decoders in the loco`s, the track has power connections at various
places over the layout to make sure of good conductivity, even though they say that you don't need to. fitting the circuits
in the loco`s is easy, if they are DCC ready, but can be a bit fiddly if not.

Pictures of the cables, the ceiling pulley, the safety pegs and the winch.

Below is the power unit that I made for the DCC, it gives 4+ amps which is more than enough to power all, it has a 15v
and 20v outputs,the 20 volt is for the points and the 15 volt is for the controller/Track etc. It uses a 15volt regulator
driving through two 2N3055 power transistors in parallel, and with protection. The 20 volt DC is not
regulated, there is no need.

Below: Sapphire decoder connections and DCC Point wiring.

ZTC 302 MKII DCC point motor.
This device is great, but I have found a strange problem, the problem I found was the LEDs connected to LED1, LED2 just flash at random and the manual connected push button would only work the motor one way, I have found that connecting two 3.9k resistors on the micro-switch terminals to the 0v on the underside solved these problems. So is this a design fault?, without a circuit diagram of this device its impossible to know. Has anyone else had this problem?.