My Apple Mac Pro Computer

This is my MAC Pro 6 core 3.3gig and 32gig of memory with a 256 gig SSD for OS Mojave & High Sierra.

Moving over from a PC was easy and most of the software I used on the PC I have found for the Mac.

I am also running Parallels desktop with windows 7 & 10 installed, I have the best of everything,
plus I have Ubuntu Linux.

Having Mojave and High Sierra on a SSD I can boot up which I want, I am not very happy with the look of
High Sierra, the Mountain Lion look was so much nicer, updates are going backwards in looks,
The calculator is just crap, also Apple dont give enough prefs for the dock etc:
The MAC software is so much better than the PC software and a lot cheaper to buy.

I would recommend a Apple Mac to anyone who is a serious computer user.