Mac OSX as it was when it was named after big cats looked great, Mountain Lion was really nice, then they went to Mavericks which did look OK but was a bit of a disaster.

But then came Yosemite and looked horrible, with really bad looking dock that you had no way of changing, so bland, and the nice star background in time machine has gone, now just blurred and horrible, things where getting bad.

Then came El-Capitan, we all nick named it (El-Crapitan) as Apple did nothing to improve the look, in-fact made it worse, everything was so bland with no detail, the trash can and the calculator were really bad, I had to copy the nice looking ones from Mountain Lion.

Apple are cutting down on nice graphic Icons...  to Pencil drawings, like Windows 10, just horrible.

Then we had MacOS Sierra and still has that horrible bland look, it seems that the look is here to stay, pity.

The really annoying thing with apple, is that they don’t seem to update the important things like the crap finder,
You can now have the folders first, about time, but still do not have dual windows, and still no prefs to change the
horrible gray dock, and what about prefs to change the mouse pointer or colour?, but you cannot expect miracles.
They have now changed the notification background to that horrible light gray, must have someone at apple that
thinks its nice and thinks every one else should like it.

The problem with Apple is they have never give enough preferences, everything has to be
their way, glad we have third party programs to overcome it.

It just seems stupid too bring out a new OS every year, as we have only just got the previous one bug free
and up to scratch.
I suppose just when the bugs are out of High Sierra ( wishful thinking) they will bring out a new OS, then the
problems start again.

High Sierra is now update 10.13.6

We now have MacOS 10.14 Mojave and yet again no updates thats really needed like daul windows in finder.
the only good thing is dark mode, everything else is just a waste of time.