This is to warn people about using Carillion Energy services.

Regarding boiler service under the two-year free service plan from the warm front scheme, boiler was fitted in September 2011 after two months of problems getting it fitted in the first place.
In August 2012, we had a letter to ring for a appointment which we did and we where told a date, we waited in all that day and no one came, when I phoned the next day I was told that somebody had called and could not get a reply, I then informed them that it was a lie, as I have security cameras on my property and I could prove that no one came, we then had to make another appointment, having taken the cupboard doors off and having to then go through it all again.
     Now we come Monday 16th Sept 2013, we called to make an appointment and was told that someone would come between 8am and 5pm on this day, what a surprise, no one came, we phoned on Tuesday morning 17th Sept 2013 at 9am to find out why no one came, we were told that they had an emergency and no one could get here, they never had the courtesy to call us and tell us, then we were told someone would come on Wednesday 18th Sept 2013, between 8am to 5pm, yet again we waited in all day and no one came, we phoned and 4.45pm that day and was told all service work was cancelled due to a change of system, I said that all you people do is to lie, she said I am not lying, so I said that when we were told someone was coming today “that was not a lie” then, if you knew service work was cancelled then why tell us someone was coming ?. I hung up, as it’s just a farce.
Again I had to remove cupboard doors and then put them all back, it’s just a complete waste of my time. Now I am told we will get a letter with another appointment, I said it had better be before the 23rd Sept as we were told the two year period ends then. Maybe that’s what they are trying on next, to say the times up, nothing would surprise me with this incompetence bunch of liars.
Had an email on 22nd October 2013, copy below:
Dear Sir,
 May I please advise that Carillion have recently changed to a new service provider and data is still transferring over, however I can confirm that I have been able to secure a date for your service and that an engineer will be deployed to your property on November 11 between the hours of 12 and 6.
 I hope this information proves useful, however if this appointment is not convenient please call our contact centre on 08004081436 who will kindly rearrange.
 With regards

At 6pm on 11th November and yet again we have been told a pack of lies, as no one came, no phone calls. We have had to wait in another day waiting for nothing.
I then sent a email on 12th November 2013 demanding that someone must come Friday 15th November, as the boiler service was way overdue and putting us in danger. I got an email back, copy below:

Dear Sir
Thank you for your email.
 Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the missed service appointments and any inconvenience this has caused. I have spoken to the new service provider and they have confirmed an appointment has been arranged for Friday 15th November, 2013, 12pm-6pm. I have also made them aware of the missed appointments and confirmed this appointment will go ahead on Friday 15th November, 2013.If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,
 Shuheena Begum
Customer Service Advisor
Carillion Services
Switchboard: 0191 6763300

I thought that would be the end of this farce, but oh no, the next thing was a gas emergency chap knocking my door, he informed me that he had come to cut of my gas, I asked why and he said that Carillion had told him there was a gas leak because I had mentioned a smell, I had said nothing about gas at all, the smell was nothing to do with the boiler, I found that it was a dead mouse under the worktop just below the boiler he tested for gas leaks and found all to be perfect, but still cut me of saying that the boiler needs to be checked first, I explained that Carillion where just being their usual incompetent selves and telling more lies, but did no good, he believed them rather than me, we were left with no heating, no hot water and no cooker, it is disgusting. My wife suffers from a mussel problem and has to have hot baths ever night to ease the pain and has to keep warm so she is at risk, but what do Carrillion care about peoples well being.
I phoned and was told it would take 48 hours to be put back on, it is absolutely disgusting. On 13th November it was the coldest night of the year with a thick frost, I sent an email demanding that my services be put back today without fail. At 12 noon approx I had a call saying that it was not known yet when someone would be able to sort this out, I was told I could get a independent person to get me back on, Oh yes, that would be at cost me, I reminded them once again that the boiler is your responsibility and should have been serviced back in September, I have never in my entire life come across such incompetence and sheer bloody mindlessness and total disregard for others, after informing them that there was nothing wrong with the boiler. Thursday 14th November 2:15pm and no phone call and no one to turn us back on, still no calls and no emails to say when someone would come, just shows how disgusting it is.

On the 15th November 2013 at about 9-93am I had a call from a Mears engineer to say he was coming to do a service on my boiler, I then explained to him that my gas had been disconnected, he said he knew nothing about it, so Carillion had obviously had no intention of sending anyone to turn us back on, at about 10.45am got a call from a good lady from Mears saying she had got a email from Carillion to say arrange an appointment for a boiler service, but nothing whatsoever to say connect our gas supply back up. It again just shows how incompetent Carillion are, I was told by Irene Cairns that she had spoke to Mears on Tuesday 12th November, and they had said it would take 48hr, the chap that came today said that they take 12hrs and that Carillion had never spoke to them, so another load of lies from Carillion. The boiler was not serviced on this day. I had to pay £40 to a private company to get my gas turned on.

On 3rd December 2013 I had a call saying someone was coming today, What!, is this some short of joke, I don’t know anything about it. I am just in disbelief of the incompetence of it all. And yes you guessed it, no one came as I was told today, these people just don’t have a clue, how do they stay in business?......

On the 9th December 2013 I received a letter with rather a lot of lies in it, but with a financial offer that is a bit of a joke, I wrote back to say if the boiler is serviced as it should have been back in Sept 2013 and to include the £40 it cost me to get the gas back on, I may accept it.

On the 11th Dec 2013 received a email to say that someone was coming on Dec 19th between 2pm and 6pm, where have I heard this before, copy below:
From: Elaine Dunn <>
Date: 11 December 2013 12:03
Subject: Warm Front
Good Afternoon,
I write further to my email yesterday regarding your annual service visit that is required I am pleased to confirm I have spoken to Mears who provides the after-care and they have confirmed that an appointment has been arranged for an engineer to attend on Thursday 19 December between 12-6pm to complete the annual service visit. I trust you find this appointment convenient.
Kind Regards

On the 19th December 2013 we waited in all day and yes, once again now one came to service the boiler, I sent a very stiff email back, wonder what lies I will be told this time. So this farce continues.

On the 23rd December 2013 I received a cheque for £120, which is hardly enough for the trouble we have had, also had a email from them, copy below:
 Good Morning
Mears has confirmed that the can conduct the annual service visit on 2 January 2014 12-6pm. I would be grateful if you could confirm if this convenient. Kind Regards

I sent a email back to say I will be in all day, I await now to see if anyone turns up on 2nd Jan 2014.

2nd of Jan 2014 at about 10am someone actually turned up and serviced the boiler. We were in disbelieve.
We are now so glad that we can wash our hands of this company for good, We hope.

In April 2014 the boiler broke down and we had to call out British gas to do an emergency repair, this cost us £99, after the repair was complete under health and safety they had to service the boiler.
Also we were informed by British gas that the boiler had not been fitted to the correct standards/regulations.

Here it shows just how incompetent Carillion are, had a letter on the 15th May 2014 saying,.......

As an integral part of the warm front scheme, your boiler is now due for its annual service. In order to carry out this essential work (free of charge), our engineer will visit your property on:
Wednesday, 28th May 2014 between the hours 12.00 to 18.00 (PM)
Yours sincerely
the warm front team

Just un-believable.

On 16th May 2014, I sent this letter:.............
Dear Sirs
Thank you for your letter dated 13/5/2014 Ref: S2419, regarding boiler service on 28th May 2014, Unfortunately we had a boiler breakdown on 12/4/2014 to which we had to call out British Gas to carry out an emergency repairs, see enclosed sheet, this cost us £99, as you are still responsible for this boiler servicing we feel that you should reimburse us this amount, please send cheque for this amount ASAP.
Under health and safety British Gas had to service this boiler after the repair was complete, therefore it would be unnecessary for you to carry out another service at this time.
Please notify us two weeks prier to the next service date in May 2015.
Yours sincerely

On may 28th, 2014
Upon my return home I had two mobile phone numbers on my phone that I did not recognise, but no messages on my answer phone, knowing how incompetent the company is, it would be no surprise if it was them to say they were coming to service the boiler. At 1:45pm a engineer turned up, I explained to him that I had informed Carillion and told him the story. I have now sent another letter to this incompetent company, which was received and signed for on 2nd June, why have they taken no notice as.......

On June 7th 2014 received another letter saying :...............

As an integral part of the warm front scheme, your boiler is now due for its annual service. In order to carry out this essential work (free of charge), our engineer will visit your property on:
Friday, 27th June 2014 between the hours 8.00 to 13.00 (AM)
Yours sincerely
the warm front team
On 27th June 2014 we had a call from the Mears engineer, he said why have I got to come to you again, so I informed him that he needs to take it up with Carillion as they are idiots, not only are they wasting your time but been messing us about for 2 years.

I have now had to send another very strong registered letter again and see if they take any notice.

On 28th July 2014 we had yet another letter, dated 24 July, ref: S2419,

As an integral part of the warm front scheme, your boiler is now due for its annual service. In order to carry out this essential work (free of charge), our engineer will visit your property on:
Monday, 18th August 2014 between the hours 8.00 to 13.00 (AM)
Yours sincerely
the warm front team

So these idiots have taken no notice of my last letter, so what do you have to do to get though to
these incompetent idiots.

Now sent emails to as many of their departments as possible, so see what happens next !.

On 2nd August 2014 received a letter saying that my address has now been removed from their database and we should not get anymore letters, also they are going to send us the £99 that we had to pay British Gas.

I sent the signed letter back on 2nd August for the £99, its now 15th August and still no sign of the money, why am I so surprised, looks like I will have to send it again. and are they going to turn up on the 18th August for boiler service again?.
Who knows with these idiots.

Now 25th August and no-one came on 18th, so that was a good sign, but I had to send another letter for the £99 on 19th August as we still have not received the £99 as promised on the 2nd August.

On 26th Aug another copy of the letter for the £99 went in the post, I wonder how many more I will have to send to these idiots before we get the money they promised on 2nd August.

On the 8th September 2014 after still no money arriving, I had to send a registered letter again, this was received and signed for on the 10th September 2014 by someone named Patterson. Is this company ever going to honer the agreement.

On the 11th September 2014, I had to send a copy of this complaint to their email addresses. On the 12th September 2014 at about midday, I had a call on my mobile from carillion saying that they had received my email, and that the chap that I had been told to send the first letter back to had been of ill for three weeks, I said I was very sorry to hear that someone was ill, but why did no one else deal with this matter. He said I should receive the money soon, is that a pig I see flying overhead ???.

Now the 20th September and you guessed it, no sign of the money that was promised on 2nd August.

On 22nd September 2014 we received the £99 at last.
We now hope that we have nothing more to do with this company and I hope that nobody ever has to put up with
them the way we were and hope that this list of events puts people off from dealing with them.

I am just speechless with these incompetent Idiots
I would most strongly advise avoiding this company.

Every thing here is the gospel truth, how could you make this up, its so unbelievable.

Mears are the contractors for Carillion and where not at fault in any way.

Read below and make your own minds up.
It gets more unbelievable towards the end if that’s possible to believe.
Updated 24/9/2014
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